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suckstoassmar's Journal

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~¤SuCkS tO yOuR aSsMaR!¤~
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Hey this is Laura S from Sucks To Your Assmar.

I'm the moderator for our little community.

Sucks To Your Assmar has been together for about a year, and we hope to play our first show very soon.

We're 'ska metal', we're weird, and we're damned proud of it!!!

The band has had some trouble concering members, but the new line-up is...

Laura S (sourpunkgrrl) - trumpet

Jamie (lonelygodess) - geetar

Ev (shadesofdeath) - bass, keyboard

The whole point of this community is for it to 'document' the band's progress between its members...so only we can post...but feel free to see how we're doing. Thanx for ur co-operation!!!

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